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What is the Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery?

Think about how much you spend each year on glasses, lenses, contacts, and the accessories that go along with them. Glasses can cost you hundreds of dollars and may get damaged or broken. And depending on how often you need to replace your contacts, paying for them every year can cost you even more! LASIK is a one-time cost to correct your vision permanently.

LASIK eye surgery can be life changing for people and the experience is nothing short of amazing. All of a sudden you can do activities that were difficult with glasses like skiing, swimming, playing basketball and even driving a car. We hear frequently from patients that they wish they had done this years ago. Prior to having LASIK surgery it is a good idea to an idea of what the actual costs are and what are any additional fees.

As you search around on LASIK websites you will find varying LASIK pricing scales. Not every practice in the San Francisco bay area is going to have the same price. We are hoping to detail some of the differences and what you need to look for as you begin your research.

After a lot of research it is hard to get an exact average cost of LASIK eye surgery but we have settled on a range of roughly $2500 per eye. Of course this will vary in certain regions. We have seen website with LASIK as low as $1500 per eye and as high as $3500 per eye. When researching this procedure you may also run into bait and switch discounters. Even if they advertise LASIK as low as $299 per eye this is simply not reality. They discount centers have a tendency to make research harder than it needs to be. Most independent LASIK centers generally have very straight forward approach. Make sure to ask bout any post-operative costs or fees associated to enhancements or re-treatments.

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What factors influence the price of LASIK?

5 factors that influence the price of LASIK

  1. The Patients Prescription

During your pre-operative eye exam you will be tested and a prescription will be determined. Vision is measured in diopters, which is the unit used to measure the strength of the eye or lens. LASIK eye surgery can treat up to +6.00 diopters of farsightedness and nearsightedness up to -12.00 diopters (you might find most LASIK eye doctors do not like to correct nearsightedness at the level of -12.00 diopters and would opt for a different vision correction procedure.

  1. The Type of Excimer and Femtosecond Lasers

Lasers used to perform LASIK range tremendously in price. The excimer laser is the machine that does the actual vision correction and the femtosecond laser is used just to create a flap. Prior to femtosecond lasers, a mechanical blade device, known as a microkeratome was used and is still in existence today. Obviously, the more a practice invests in technology the higher the price that the LASIK surgery will cost. Batra Vision has always been on the forefront of LASIK technology. We offer the latest generation of surgical lasers, which now have the advanced capability to make all corneal changes with laser precision. All-Laser LASIK gives our patients the most advanced vision correction procedure available today.

  1. Are the pre-oeprative eye health evaluations included in the cost?

This is a question that can sway the cost hundreds of dollars. Many practices handle this different. Some may include this in the price while others break it out.

  1. What are the cost of post-operative medications?

This will typically be answered in your LASIK consultation. Most practices do not include this in the overall cost but they will give you an idea of what the post-operative drop will cost.

  1. What is the experience of the LASIK surgeon

Many people want a very skilled LASIK surgeon. Vision correction can be scary and you only have one set of eyes. This is your chance to get vision correction right. Choosing an experienced LASIK surgeon is very important. At Batra Vision we are happy to provide a great surgeon with numerous accolades and thousands of successful cases performed. Dr. Batra has been named one of the top ophthalmologists in the U.S. by The Consumers Research Council for the past 10 years.

Affordability of LASIK eye surgery and other ways to make LASIK a reality.

Flex Plans/HSA Accounts

If your employer offers a flexible benefits plan or a health savings account, you may be able to pay for the procedure with pre-tax dollars making LASIK even more affordable! Don’t let these dollars go to waste!

LASIK Financing Options

To help patients afford LASIK and other vision correction procedures, many LASIK surgeons offer financing plans. In some cases, zero percent financing is available for a limited payback period. Inquire at Batra Vision about LASIK Financing and let’s make LASIK a reality.

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