Preema Buch, MD

Preema Buch, MD

I always knew I wanted to be a physician, but it wasn’t until I dove deep into medical school that I settled on a field to specialize in. I was raised on the East Coast but — having never become used to the cold winters — always dreamed of living on the warmer West Coast. Growing up in Montgomery County, Maryland, I attended Case Western University (Cleveland, Ohio) after graduating high school, and then it was off to medical school at Howard University College of Medicine (Washington, D.C.). In medical school, after many hours observing and shadowing physicians in the Ophthalmology Clinic and joining its chief in the operation room, I felt very much drawn to the field. Choosing a medical specialty is the most important decision any physician must make, so I wanted to make certain that ophthalmology would, indeed, be my chosen profession. As a result, I decided to spend a year at the world-renowned National Eye Institute in Bethesda, MD, using my time to research the field, and gaining firsthand experience assisting in the eye clinics there and understanding rare eye diseases. It was the experience I needed and I knew that the field of ophthalmology was the one for me. Ophthalmology encompassed all the facets of being a healer that I wanted: an amazing and complex organ system to work with, long-term care for patients, the opportunity to perform surgeries and — because the gift of sight is such a critical one — the ability to make an immediate impact on patients and improve their lives.

I applied and was accepted to the University of Pennsylvania where I completed my ophthalmology residency at the Scheie Eye Institute, deciding to further my training by becoming a corneal specialist, completing a fellowship at the prestigious Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. Upon completion of my fellowship, I happily accepted a faculty position at Temple University as the primary cornea specialist in attendance there. Yet, as much as I enjoyed my many years on the East Coast, I decided to finally realize my dream of living out West and joined the BatraVision Medical Group.

Here at BatraVision, I practice general ophthalmology with a specialty in matters pertaining to the cornea. I am trained in a variety of procedures, including cataract surgery, laser treatments for critically high eye pressures as well as glaucoma (LPI, YAG), dry eye treatments using plugs and Lipiflow®, epithelial debridement, superficial keratectomy, collagen crosslinking for corneal ectasias, DMEK and DSEK partial-thickness corneal transplants, penetrative keratoplasty, full-thickness corneal transplants and more. My chief passion is to help and heal others, and I aim to maker certain that my patients and I are on the same page for all things medical. Most of all, I strive every single day to deliver the best care I can to my patients and love doing so.

In my free time, I love spending time outdoors, binging on movies and television series, anything related to soccer, trying new foods and traveling the world.

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