Are your eyes dry? Do you find yourself relying on eye drops and artificial tears?

While it is normal to experience dry eyes from time to time, if your eyes seem to be chronically dry, you may be suffering from dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome is a common eye condition that occurs when your eyes are not able to produce enough tears or tears of a high enough quality to keep your eyes properly lubricated and hydrated. 

If your eyes are too dry, you may find that you experience irritation and other frustrating symptoms. Keep reading to learn more about dry eyes and 10 reasons you’ll feel better after dry eye treatment!

What is Dry Eye Syndrome?

Healthy tears are composed of three layers: an oily layer, a watery layer, and a mucus layer. These three layers work together to ensure that the surface of your eyes stays lubricated and remains smooth and clear. 

When you have dry eye syndrome, your eyes are unable to produce enough tears or else produce tears that do not contain enough of these naturally occurring lubricants. 

Dry eye syndrome can cause symptoms like eyes that burn, sting, or itch; the feeling that there is something stuck in your eye; watery eyes (your eyes response to the irritation of dry eyes); redness; contact lens discomfort; sensitivity to light; difficulty driving at night; and blurred or impaired vision. These symptoms can be so severe that they can disrupt your normal day-to-day activities.

Dry eye syndrome not only compromises the comfort of your vision; it can also impact the health of your eyes. When left untreated, dry eye syndrome can lead to painful eye infections and corneal abrasions, which can impair your vision, sometimes permanently.

Depending on the cause and severity of your dry eye syndrome, treatment options can include over-the-counter and prescription eye drops as well as surgery. Your eye care provider can best diagnose the condition and recommend treatment options.

Whichever treatment suits you, your eyes are sure to feel better after receiving treatment for dry eye syndrome. Here are ten of the reasons why:

1. Relief from Discomfort

It can be hard to enjoy life when your eyes are burning, water excessively, or your vision is impaired. The treatments available for dry eye syndrome can provide immediate relief if you’re experiencing discomfort due to dry eyes. 

2. Improved Tear Production

Treatments for dry eye syndrome work to stimulate the production of tears or to help the eye produce tears that contain enough of the naturally occurring oils that keep your eyes moist and comfortable.

3. Clearer Vision

Having dry eyes can cause your vision to blur or have fluctuations in clarity. Treating dry eye syndrome can lead to clearer, more stable vision.

4. Reduced Eye Fatigue

Dry eyes can lead to eye strain and fatigue, especially when you are looking at a computer or other electronic devices. Making sure that your eyes are adequately lubricated reduces strain and fatigue, making work (or scrolling) less of a chore.

5. More Comfortable Contact Lenses

If you wear contact lenses, they can cause you significant discomfort if they get too dry. Your contacts fit better and feel better when your eyes have been treated for dry eye syndrome.

6. Better Sleep Quality

Dry eyes can disrupt your sleep due to discomfort or excessive tearing throughout the night. Once you receive treatment for dry eye syndrome, you’ll be able to sleep better and feel better. 

7. More Enjoyment of Outdoor Activities

Dry, windy conditions can worsen the symptoms of dry eye syndrome and make outdoor activities unenjoyable. Treating dry eye syndrome can help you get back to enjoying time outdoors without any eye discomfort.

8. Improved Eye Health

Seeking out treatment for dry eye syndrome helps keep your eyes healthy. When your eyes are dry, it’s easier to scratch them, leading to eye infections or more serious corneal abrasions. 

9. Enhanced Quality of Life

If you have been living with the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye syndrome, you may not realize the impact they have on your overall quality of life. The relief that comes with treatment for dry eyes can remind you how much better life is when your eyes are comfortable.

10. Prevention of Future Complications

Leaving dry eye syndrome untreated can lead to more severe eye problems in the future, like corneal ulcers and even vision loss. Early diagnosis and treatment of dry eye syndrome is the best way to ensure your eyes stay healthy in the future. It also ensures your vision remains clear.

You can help ensure you get the most out of your dry eye treatment by following some simple self-care suggestions. These include using a humidifier if the air in your home is dry; taking frequent breaks to rest your eyes while working in front of a screen; avoiding smoky environments and, if you smoke, quitting; avoiding exposing your eyes to forced air from hair dryers, air conditioners, and car vents; and wearing protective eyewear when you are outdoors.

At Batra Vision Medical Group, we take dry eye syndrome seriously because we know how it can impact your quality of life. If you are experiencing the symptoms of dry eye, we urge you to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced eye care providers. 

We have effective treatment options that can provide lasting relief from dry eye syndrome! Are you ready to make your eyes a priority? 

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